Keshaun Fudge

Keshaun Fudge

INHC, CPT Transformative, Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Holistic Integrative Health Coach

I was born in Queens, NY and moved to Mississippi when I was young. It was a culture shock, but it exposed me to two different cultures. Playing college football forged a better way for me to see the world. I went to places I would have never gotten a chance to see at 18. Now, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Integrative Health Coach changing the world one person at the time.

Join The Movement:

As a Certified Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I really do believe that the food we eat, our relationships, environment and the things we deal with internally changes everything externally. I’ve learned to teach the deep values of holistic nutrition inside out. I am joining a movement to reverse the global health crisis. My mission keeps me passionate and growing so that I can help others grow and evolve becoming the best version of themselves. I am certified by an institution with over 100 of the world’s leading educators, researchers, and experts in nutrition and health behavior. It’s all part of the ripple effect for spreading positive change in the world as we work towards true health and holistic self-improvement.

My Mission:

To help transform the global health crisis. To bring self-awareness about inflammation in the body, and how it is directly connected to mostly all chronic diseases.