We are in network with most health insurances.

Self Pay Patients

$180.00 Initial Visit (1 hour):

The initial appointment is an opportunity for us to understand what goals you want to achieve and how long you expect to accomplish it. We will use a modern and specialized scale that will give me information about your body fat percentage, muscle mass, weight, body mass index, and more. Based on the scale readings, lab work, family, medical, diet and exercise history, we will be able to create a specialized diet plan for you to follow. This is a detailed plan that will help guide you on what to focus on when eating.

$80.00 Follow-up Visit (30 to 40 min):

The follow-up can range from a few weeks to a month to check on your progress and food log. The goal is to modify and adjust your diet plan as needed based on your struggles or success. We focus on how you feel about your lifestyle and diet changes, as well as how to continue making your progress realistic and doable so you are able to reach your goals. Your weight and BMI will be calculated and any follow-up blood work readings will be explained. There can range from short to long-term follow-up sessions depending on your needs or conditions.

Additional Information

We are covered by Medicare and a variety of insurance plans. Individuals with private insurance (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare) are encouraged to check with their insurance plan for specific medical nutrition therapy coverage details. Patients can also opt for an all cash payment services.

Medicare patients are covered for the services of an RDN with diagnosis of, obesity, diabetes, and/or nondialysis kidney disease. Medicare covers screening and intensive behavioral counseling for obesity (Body Mass Index (BMI) > than or equal to 30 kg/ m2). Medicare Beneficiaries may receive an annual wellness visit from an RDN to develop their personalized diet plans based on their current health and risk factors.

For more details about each appointment,    please call!