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Dietitian Nutritionist is for:

Weight Management

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Pulmonary Disease


Food Allergies


Eating Disorders

Nutrition Support (Enteral and Parenteral nutrition)

Cardiovascular Disease

Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

Nutrient Analysis

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a nutritional approach to managing medical conditions. It is not about dieting; it is about managing your special needs through a healthy approach to lifestyle and eating habits. The goal of nutritional counseling is to reduce and prevent future complications of chronic disease by improving nutritional health and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.
Grocery Store Tour:
Does grocery shopping scare you? Do you really know if you are making the right choices? Are food labels confusing? Have no fear, UP4NUTRITION is here! We are always up for challenge and we will help you defeat your grocery store nightmares. We will teach you how to shop efficiently and effectively, how to read food labels, and so much more! We can also teach you how to shop for the best foods for you or your family members health conditions. The grocery store tour is 60 minutes including a Q&A session. We can meet you at your local grocery store for connivence during our business hours. Note that insurance does not cover this service.

Pantry Make Over:
Your pantry is stuffed with overly processed boxed meals, snacks, and nick-naks. It’s time to clean it out and refresh it with healthier food items. We can suggest replacing your current meal items with better brands that offer less ingredients and more nutrition. We can also show you what are better snack options and where to buy them. A grocery store tour is recommended after the pantry make over and we are currently offering a packaged price. Call us for more details!

Nutrition Therapy with a Registered

Services we offer

Guided Meals Plans/Grocery Lists

We can help you adjust your daily meals together! We will make meal plans consisting of food options based on your preferences and needs. While following these recommendations diligently will allow you to see positive and healthy results.

Body Fat Analysis

Body composition analysis is an integral part of any wellness program. With BIA, Bio impedance analyzer, health and fitness practitioners can assess fat weight, lean weight, basal metabolic rate, and hydration status. This information allows the practitioners to develop personalized diet and exercise programs, monitor progress, and keep individuals motivated and inspired.


Dietitian Khan provides the highest level of nutrition counseling. She offers personally tailored advice, and after learning about your health history, favorite foods, eating and exercise habits, she will help you set goals and prioritize. Followup visits will focus on maintenance and monitoring your progress.

Help Managing Chronic Diseases

If you have diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, it can be hard to know what to eat. Dietitian Khan can review your lab results with you, help you understand your condition and provide education about the nutrients that affect it. She will help you create an eating plan that includes all the important nutrients that can help you manage your condition.

A Weightloss Program That Really Works

I will partner with you to develop a safe and effective weightloss plan that is realistic for you to stick with for the long haul. I will use creative strategies to guide and motivate you throughout the process. Some tactics I use include meal planning, how to grocery shop, food journaling and mindful eating.

Group Meetings

We provide group meeting sessions for weight loss and diabetes education. Each session is one hour long and will provide you with the most informative and up to date education and insight on the conditions. My goal is to explain how to control diabetes and how to combat weight loss and maintain a healthy and happy weight. There will be a question and answer session during the last fifteen minutes of the meeting.

Being able to connect with people trying to achieve the same goal as you is a great way to gain confidence and support throughout your healthier lifestyle journey.